1. Introduction

Create Protocol is a Multi-chain and EVM compatible protocol focussed on Creator (Generative Art, Games, Music, Entertainment, Social, Content Owner, Blogger, Influencer, Software, Finance and many more)
We see the world moving towards artists own not just their creation/art/music/ 3D asset but also the platform which facilitates the interaction with the artwork with the fans, listeners, viewers and brands. At the same time their creation should give them open access to premium financial services, and not just to the privileged few.
Decentralised Creator Platform with a native token is the means to achieve this. Our mission is to provide the products and services necessary to provide a creator oriented economic structure.
For Fans and Partners, Create Protocol provides a way to benefit from the growth of the Web 3 based Experience Economy.
We are a collective of creatives, builders, hustlers, degens who are passionate about creators and the web 3 based creative economy.
The Create Foundation has been set up with a mission to support education and innovation in art, games, music and entertainment sectors and the vision to not let money be a barrier for artists. Anyone who requires grants, support, investments for projects in these fields will be supported.
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