6. Technology

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Link to Creator Console Contracts: Creator Console Contracts​
Link to Creator Console Documentation: Creator Console Docs ​
Link to Console Dapp: Creator Console ​
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High Level Architecture

  • The system is designed for the following different types of users: Artist Fan/ Consumers / Investor.
  • Every user will start with making an account in Music, along with account creation a wallet will be created. This wallet stores the ‘CREATE’ coin purchase/ redeemed/ or transacted.
  • Every user can then list themselves as a content creator and generate their creator ID, get access to Create console, DeFi services, and many more. Creators can then list their music as solo artists or collaborate with their fellow artists.
  • Creators can now make their own terms of Creator contract, for their content (be it Music, Art, Artefact's, etc.), and launch them for fans/investors to invest in them. Creators can use the Create Console to monitor their growth and performance. Creators can also leverage their content for financial assistance. ‘creator.defi’ is the DeFi solution at Create which will provide Artists opportunities to utilise financial assistance from the community.
  • Users (Fans and Creators) will be awarded for contributing to the entire Create ecosystem, for example using Create Token for paying the transaction fees will be significantly lower than paying by different means. Fans/Creators can earn a part of transaction fees by inviting other people to join into the network.
  • Fans can further sell their artwork in the secondary marketplace to earn profit and thus build the value of the artwork further. Every time the art is being sold in the market, the artist will get a certain percentage of the value as royalties which will be predefined in the blockchain-based smart contracts.
  • However, the artists are free to transfer their rights and ownership to anyone anytime.
  • The rights of the music are never owned by Create, we charge a minimal operation fee.
  • A different artist can create remixes, the creator of the original music will receive royalties, this royalty is decided by the artist themselves.
  • Artists can now earn royalties every time their content is being used on any platform (i.e., games, concerts, remixes, advertisements, etc.) or anywhere by integrating the create API with different platforms.

Creator Console DApp Architecture

Creator Console allows you to effortlessly create, mint and extend your NFTs to top marketplaces in the world. With 100% Creator Ownership, Console boosts of a powerful Smart Contract Deployment in less than 2 minutes. In simplest words, Creator Console is as simple as it gets to creating and extending NFTs. The Create ecosystem empowers multiple decentralized apps (DApps) on its layered blockchain with the aim to liberate creators in every imaginable way.

Smart Contract Integrator Model:

Several base contract functions can be selectively combined to power several use cases.
Upgradable to incorporate several token standards

One Core Engine :

Many Interfaces
Multi Chain model